Bell cittern – new design! – SOLD



This bell cittern is a modified shape from previous ones, more bellish. Sound is absolutely fantastic, it plays me… for FCFCF tuning with a scale of 24″. Can be capoed for GDGDG at fret 2; AEAEA at fret 4; CGCGC at fret 7., etc. Many other tuning possibilities also, like a mandola FCGDA, FCGDG, etc.bottom pair are octaves for the Celtic/Portugugese fado sound. Top is select Maine red spruce (genus not color), one of the world’s best tone woods. The body and neck are Brazilian cambara, with ipe (Brazilian ironwood) fretboard.  Gold plated tuning machines with pearloid buttons, adjusted individually for smooth action. The poet Carl Sandburg had a regular guitar this shape made in the early 1900’s by Washburn, which was the original inspiration for my 1960’s simplified bell shapes designed by Gordon Bok.

I’ll probably name this prototype ‘Liberty’ or ‘Bella Lugosi’.


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