Octave Mandolin / Mandotenor / Celtic Bouzouki (GDAD)


Very powerful and responsive ‘zouk’ with 18 fret neck, 22 total. Strong enough for a session w. banjos & accordions. Plays like a dream, easily adjustable action with both truss rod and pivoting neck for gentle playing or aggressive picking. Extra bridge saddles too in case humidity changes affect the camber of top & back. E-Z string change tailpiece w. slots & ball end recess holes. Western cedar AA grade top, Brazilian cambara back, sides & neck; Brazilian ironwood(ipe) fretboard, bridge, tailpiece and pick guards, very similar in hardness to ebony (i.e. better than rosewood which is softer and wears more quickly). Strategically braced to prevent top sinking under fretboard…a common problem. K&K twin spot internal pickup, individual gold open gear machine heads, very smooth action. Also with fret marker dots on both sides the board so it can be easily converted to left handed. Body 14 1/2″ x 13 5/8″ x 3 3/4″, nut width 1 7/16″; string scale 24 5/16″.

Contact for price.  Case extra…Guardian featherweight rigid padded banjo case available, highly recommended for shipping or any rough handling; $85.00. 3 day trial/return policy full refund less shipping; unlimited warranty on construction & materials but contingent on following use & care guidelines.


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  1. John MacDonald says:

    Interested in upgrading from a Goldtone. Wondering what the price on this would be.


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