Thinking of selling this little gem but not yet; having too much fun. Inspired by the playing and passing of Alec Finn who with Frankie Gavin was a core member of DeDanaan, I had never paid much attention. Now with his passing there has been a lot of interest in his musical brilliance on just 3 pairs of strings, tuned DAD.

This one has a scale of 25 21/32″ like a classical guitar. Thin top of Maine red spruce, very tight grained with a few pin head size knots freckling it in places, and the sides are figured mahogany with a plain back. Neck is cambara, fretboard, bridge, pick guard, and head overlay Brazilian ipe. The green rosette is scrap Corian (DuPont countertop stuff).

The top construction is very thin with small braces as the strings ( .012/028, .018, .012) are very low tension but yet a bit heavier than standard Greek trichordo sets.

I made the first one of these 1973, kind of boat shaped, when I had first gotten interested in Irish tunes. The new one is worlds better of course; original one was my answer to dulcimers with which I got bored pretty quick.

Pick guard inlays are engraved ones for a banjo, that a friend gave me, and I didn’t know what to do with until now.



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  1. Emerson Hawley says:

    I have one of your 1973 trichordos. (I think) There are 2 “F holes” shaped like sea gulls. 3 courses of 2 strings. Wish I could send you a picture. Label says “banjimer originated by the works 1973”. It was my wife’s; she played banjo..


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