Bell 12-string, mahogany and cedar – SOLD


New bell model 12 string w. LR Baggs pickup & EQ, ‘interesting’ installation.  Western red cedar top, figured South American mahogany, ipe fretboard & bridge. Rosewood/abalone rosette & binding, purfling lines of green Corain & black/white/black strips. Golden Gate(Saga) individual machine heads, gold plated customized tailpiece, compensated bridge system for exact intonation.

This guitar has two neck adjustments, including back set for optimal action in any humidity & tuning range (10 seconds to reset w. a screwdriver instead of expensive neckectomy which would take many weeks).  The bridge design features a saddle with individual ridges filed in it to give exact intonation up the board; I am the only maker I know of who does this; it is critical for being able to play in tune. The bar behind the saddle bends them down just a bit for better clarity and tone transfer.

This is the model played by Noel Paul Stookey in the 1971 performance of The Wedding Song, on YouTube. Bell body design by Gordon Bok 1967.  The original, “Sebastian” (1969) was a different very funky shape which needed rebuilding after 40 years ( one of my very earliest). He tuned it to C# as I have with this one, using medium gauge strings. Concert pitch requires light gauge, but the range is very versatile, and with heavy gauge strings could go to five frets down.


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  1. Victor Eisenberg says:


    Have you recuperated from the shock of Robin’s graduation?

    Does this guitar belong to Dan, or was originally built for him?

    Full of questions tonight!

    Best wishes, Victor


  2. Marguerite Heenehan says:

    Nikos…the pic and write up of this beauty make me smile. My “Adele” “72 model needs some loving attention from her creator. “Blind Eddie” also needs some care. I’d love to hear from you…see you when it’s safe! Peace my friend~ Mardy


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