Mandotenor, “English Guittar” style (sold)














‘English guittar’ model mandotenor just sold, another on the bench for completion in February. VERY popular. Select Western red cedar top, mahogany body & neck, 24 7/8″ string scale, & zero fret nut , width 1 7/26″ K&K twin spot internal pickup and Guardian rigid featherweight case. Adjustable neck truss and adjustable neck backset angle, almost instant string height adjustment. Next one will also have slotted tailpiece for even quicker string changes.  Total without shipping $1779.00


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  1. arthur sturbaum says:

    Hi Nick.
    someday, Alex and I will descend on you, and ask for our come uppance. Fortunately, we are easily bought off with beer and food. We are both so happy to spread the word, and hope it works for you.



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